Her geekiness knows no bounds (vloky) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Her geekiness knows no bounds

holy carp

I had the worst fucking nightmare ever last night. In my dream I was at my dead grandma's house and digging around finding things which is bad enough, and I found a packet of pictures behind a dresser and in it was my boyfriend from when I lived in the crackhouse with no running water and a baby girl I had (unassisted at that)while living there (that didn't really happen) and this reminded me she was murdered, and never named and never registered. And this led me to go to the police and report her birth and death and finally name her and they had already found the body years ago and holy crap, what a fucked up awful dream to have. Apparently she was strangled and I handed over all the pictures to help them investigate. Later on in that dream I dreamt I was on myspace and justin posted a bunch of weird pictures of my friends making goofy faces while riding a ferris wheel.
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