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The Mighty Walrus [entries|friends|calendar]
Do Walruses Dream of Eating Babies?

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is this thing on? [03 Nov 2010|06:00pm]

i just had a weird dream I was the babysitter having an affair with the husband and the wife went psycho and shot herself and tried to shoot him
there were like 3 different sequences of events that played out.. In one the wife accidently shot her foot and I was hiding behind some furniture and was discovered when the husband tried to pass me a phone and number to call the police and then she confronted me and we had a kung foo battle in which I insulted her for looking 45+ and she kicked my ass. In another one I was in my room in the basement when I heard the shots and I jumped out a window and contacted the police and there was a media storm. Another one involved some weird hubbaloo outside a hospital, but although it was the last sequence of events it is the haziest to me..
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[07 Mar 2009|07:50pm]

I just awoke from a 4 hour long nap full of bizaare dreams the first one took place in my aunts house which is common, but it wasnt and someone found body pieces in an old bag of weed in a suitcase and then some dude who had dissapeared some time ago popped up with a bunch of hot females in there early 20s and then I got drunk of like 2 sips of wine and was fumbliung to remember the name of the anti depressants i was on and i found a childs pirate costume in the bathroom and thought it was bad ass and folded it and put it on the clothes shelf and then my brother popped up and agreed we should take our kids to get pictures done together and then I was at an old bar and a chick took me thrift shopping and it was in an old haunted hotel and there was this weird dialogue thing going on and i freaked out and ran out and we ordered drinks and I laughed at my friend getting carded and then i got lost going to the bathroom after ordering my irish car bomb and then i woke up. I am exhausted.
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analyze that [05 Jul 2008|10:00pm]

I had a dream the other night i was a nanny, but the kid was dead and the busy business parents were either to busy to realize it or just in denial

but the kid was a ghost and Id hang out with him sometimes but it was mainly boring

and then my best friend who has been clean for forever was there and i was like HEY RIA SHOOT ME UP WITH HEROIN

and then we walked around and i complained i was too fat and my ankles couldnt hold my weight and were collapsing...

I also had a dream evan was taken from me as a newborn and was in a foster home but i wasn't so bothered by it because I was dr who's partner and treking all over space and time.
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holy carp [16 Mar 2008|11:32am]

I had the worst fucking nightmare ever last night. In my dream I was at my dead grandma's house and digging around finding things which is bad enough, and I found a packet of pictures behind a dresser and in it was my boyfriend from when I lived in the crackhouse with no running water and a baby girl I had (unassisted at that)while living there (that didn't really happen) and this reminded me she was murdered, and never named and never registered. And this led me to go to the police and report her birth and death and finally name her and they had already found the body years ago and holy crap, what a fucked up awful dream to have. Apparently she was strangled and I handed over all the pictures to help them investigate. Later on in that dream I dreamt I was on myspace and justin posted a bunch of weird pictures of my friends making goofy faces while riding a ferris wheel.
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humdehum [04 Nov 2007|03:40pm]

Last night I had a dream I was at "the farm" (my childhood home when my dad will be moving back into soon) and outside the side door there was a homeless looking person wearing a watch that seemed obsessed with time, it was odd, but not so worrying to me and then I looked out my bedroom window and there was a scraggly monk looking guy circling the property (he was wearing all brown and had a circle bald spot in the middle of his head..) this worried me, he was circling like a vulture. IZ felt the two were connected and conspiring, I didn't feel it constituted a real emergency and I looked for the non emergency police number and couldn't find it, I called my dad and he got angry at me, then i woke up because evan was screaming in my ear..
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Falling Fire Tree [11 Jul 2007|04:41pm]

I dreamed last night that I was going around opening the windows in my house (only it was like a dream "my house" and not the one I actually live in - although it did resemble the one I grew up in) and I noticed there was smoke outside. Went around to the other side of the house and more smoke so I thought "Something must be burning close by" and I went outside to check thinking it was some brush that the neighbors were taking care of.  Turns out it was two trees right beside our house and they had burned to the point where they were becoming unstable - like a ring of burn around the trunk about half way up on both. So.. I called to my.... boyfriend? somebody - not husband apparently - and said for him to grab the fire extinguisher from the basement.  All of a sudden one of the trees snapped and I looked up and thought it was going to fall squarely along the roofline of the house! I was thinking "crap! crap! crap!" but then the top of the tree turned and was aligned exactly with where I was standing in the front yard, but no matter what direction I thought about running in, it seemed like that was the direction the tree was going to fall. Finally I was paralyzed and was on the ground thinking I'd roll out of the way if it looked like it was going to actually fall on me. Well it fell and narrowly missed my legs. I thought surely it was going to get me.  Then the guy comes running out and over to the tree (why the tree?) and then this woman who I can only describe as the actress Jamie Gertz came running out of the house shouting "OH GAWD! Thank you for not keelin' mah huzbind!" in a thick southern accent and went over and threw her arms around the guy.

What on EARTH is that about?
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Leaky Roof & Money? [30 Mar 2007|08:28pm]


The other night I dreamed that I was in the house I grew up in. I was getting something out of the cabinet in the kitchen and I noticed that water was leaking onto the package of napkins on the top shelf. Then I realized it was the roof leaking. In my mind I had an image of the roof being really old and leaking in several places - just not through into the interior yet.

Since it wasn't a very big leak and the napkins would obviously take care of it I just shut the door and decided to let my parents know about the hole.

Incidentally my mother is no longer living and my dad is remarried. They sold the house back in the early 90's but I just found out recently that it's up for sale. I have a strange desire to buy it just so I can say I own my childhood home.

I think the holes in the roof have something to do with money but I haven't thought enough about it to figure it out.

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[25 Mar 2007|10:10am]

Hmm, nobody uses this anymore. You people need to dream more. I just had this fucking crazy one. Me and my girlfriend, though the motive is unclear to me, had to kill Laura Prepon. She was living with us for some reason. But some offense was clear, and she didn't see it coming. The dream was rather food oriented. We started to kill her in the kitchen, where she was making something with strawberry mousse. I believe the way it played out, was that my girlfriend started to strangle her there in the kitchen. I don't remember the transition, but she ended up in her bedroom, and I ended up cracking her skull open on one of the handles of my dresser. It was strange when I was actually smashing her head. For some reason, her head almost turned into an egg. It had a white shell around it, and when her whole skull broke open, there was no blood, there was only a small pool of clear liquid, mixed with the detritus from her shattered skull, and eyeballs.

We didn't think it through very well, because we had no idea what to do with the body. We wrapped it up in a blanket or something, and placed on her chest the mixing bowl that the mousse was made in. I don't know why, perhaps it held evidence. At this point in the dream, my girlfriend and I actually went back to the bedroom and engaged in some foreplay. I don't think this had anything at all to do with the murder. The phone rang, but I didn't know who it was. I proceeded to go through the call list to see who it was. I think I concluded that it was my brother, because he's been phoning a lot in real life. I finished with the phone and was very disappointed to see my girlfriend, fully clothed and getting ready to leave for work. I got upset, because I did not want to bury Laura Prepon in the garden alone. I said there has to be a better place to put it. She said she didn't know a good place to put bodies, and she wasn't sure who should. I was much against burying it alone, since I would then be the only one incriminated when I was most likely caught digging a large grave in my backyard.

So it wasn't disposed of right then, I had to take it out of the common area of our house, and had it lying in the dining room. Later, I was doing the dishes. I was making sure there was no traces whatsoever of the strawberry mousse. There was some on some dishes, and a bit that had dried on the counter. At this point, my girlfriend was making some kind of dessert. She had a peach floating in some kind of liquid that included some peach liqueur, which she had set on fire. At this point, the doorbell rang. It was the police. I knew in the dream who it was, it was a recurring character, an Inspector from some Fritz Lang films that I haven't actually seen. I had been looking at then online the previous night. I didn't actually know what he looked like, so he looked just like my Advanced Democracies professor. Before letting him in, I said that my girlfriend was not decent, and that he should wait. I had to quietly hide the body in the house, while he was outside the front door. I thought of putting it under the second bed in our office, but it ended up being hidden in plain sight behind the dog's pen in our bedroom. I don't remember moving it in the dream, but there it was. I didn't look that much like a body scrunched up behind it, but I think I was hoping he wouldn't even go in there. I didn't know in the dream what he was even there for, I woke up shortly after that.

I have no idea why it was Laura Prepon, I haven't seen That 70s Show in weeks. I did see some old bikini shots on a blog recently though. I think the egg-head has something to do with our finches having eggs, though.
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[18 Feb 2007|03:42am]

Come on people, dream som more! I'm having problems remembering my dreams.
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It's been a while [18 Jan 2007|09:54am]

[ mood | sore ]

Last night I had a dream that took place in some sort of summer camp type of setting. Ioan Gruffudd was there, and he was buying pot from my sister Michele (which is weird because in real life it'd be my other sister Alison that would have the stuff, lol).  While they were getting stoned, I was working with some Boy Scouts, trying to put an American flag up in a howling thunderstorm.  I got very dirty and tired, and had to walk back to the cabin I was sharing with my sisters and our friends and my boyfriend and Ioan.  I got splashed with mud by passing cars.  Once I got to the cabin, I had to get cleaned up because we were planning to go clubbing.  My alarm woke me up then.

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[18 Jun 2006|04:56pm]

Last night I had a dream I brutally murdered then raped a blonde chick with giant boobs. And in the dream I realized maybe i did it in the wrong order as I tried shoving my fingers up a pussy on a body going into atrophy. Is that the right word for when the body starts hardening as it dies?? Wtf is up with my psyche??

I also had a dream I was at this bizaare family social function. People were giving me fucked up presents for my baby. Like busted old dirty shit. And one of my cousins cousins arrived and she had her new "baby" with and it was like a one year old with that thing where the top lip is split in two (harelip) and like the bone in one of her legs was fucked up and it looked like her leg was fused to the side of her head and I was horrified but to afraid to ask or say anything. "oh what a beatiful child" yeah.
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[02 Jun 2006|11:05am]

I had the most bizaare dream last night. In the beginning I was at my families bar and we were closing it down. My grandma was there, we talked about various trivial things and she kept putting money in the jukebox, the jukebox was where the ice machine was actually though. And then a bunch of my uncles showed up and hugged me and congratulated me on being knocked up and then said they needed a drink and a smoke. It was around this point i remembered my grandma was dead, and I reminded her of this and she said something about waiting for me and how she has the bar on the other side too.

The closing of the bar dream turned into this insane party/clean up thing where everyone I've ever known and every childhood memory association surrounding that place was represented. I happily showed james one of my favorite "games" as a child. They had one of those old projection tv's with the green blue red and I think orange and yellow? Lights, and I liked to stand in front of them individually and fuck up the color on the t.v. and make it look all bizaare.

There was also a bizaare karaoke song scene where everyone sang along to of all things, The Bob Dylan song, I think it's called Like a rolling stone, not sure. Of all the songs to sing along on the jukebox my dream picked that one. I don't think the jukebox ever even had that song. I also remember dancing an insane dance to lynard skynard's free bird. And story telling of mundane things of past. And for some bizaare reason my mom was there cleaning up as was my step dad. Although they are from my past and were past bar people so it makes some sense.

And I was digging through a pile of t-shirts that we were raffling off looking for an old club domino shirt (shit i shouldve had my dad look for one in the bar when he was actually cleaning up) I also remember a lady that used to work at the bingo hall and her husband was a bartender for awhile and her daughter used to babysit for me, Sandy is her name was behind the bar, and I walked around the booze island I said damn I could use a drink, but I can't because I'm pregnant and sandy was all cute about me being pregnant and amazed that i was 6 months along ( 1 week and I will be, eeeep!)

And then I woke up because my cat walked up to me and stood on my chest purring. Of course when I woke up and tried to pet him he walked off. Bastard.

Dammn I miss my grandma and I wish I wouldn't have ruined her presence in my dream by reminding her she's dead.

crossposted to personal journal and dreamwalrus
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Very scary dream [25 May 2006|09:50am]

[ mood | freaked out ]

I just woke up from this one. It was very short, and I was lucid throughout. I was in some sort of warehouse and tables had been set up, some with people laying on them and some with very strange objects. A lady was giving me a tour and showed me that these objects were shrunken people, like shrunken heads only the whole body. They were hideous. The other people on the tables were dead and were going through the process of becoming shrunken. They were hooked up to various machines via tubes and wired, and workers were painting them (basting them, really) with some thick solution. The lady told me it was a preservative.

She then made me lay down on a table and told me I was lucky to have this opportunity. She started hooking me up to the machines. I think she put one wire in my foot, then she covered me up with a blanket. I was getting very comfortable, not because of any sedative, just becoming comfortable because I was laying down and had a blanket on me. I was reading a book. Then a wire and/or tube went into the skin on the top of my head. I didn't think much of it until my vision got dark - I couldn't see the words on the page of the book I was reading - my whole body relaxed, and my breathing began to slow. I could feel this all happening to me, and I thought I was dying there on the table in this eerie warehouse full of shrunken people. I woke up.

I think probably what was happening was that I was just falling into a deeper sleep, but coupled with this weird dream, it was enough to get me to wake up.

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[22 May 2006|12:28pm]

I had a dream last night I had a bunch of baby goats the size of kittens. I was driving down the road and somehow they came flying into my window and I had to start taking care of them. I think my cat ended up eating them though because they dissapeared and he had a mischevious grin..
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[09 May 2006|01:39pm]

last night i had a dream danny devito was giving a black man head with ice in his mouth and sexing him up. And danny was like a mob leader or something and there was a meeting going on, and the black mans wife was missing. And there was something involving donkey or goat sex.

I also had a lot of dreams involving fiddling with the tv. And being at my old house (the farm..) and in one part aimee was there and still super pregnant and she was shifting her baby around in her womb with her hands and like she pulled it out her belly and shifted it around, like she had a kangaroo pouch, it freaked me out.
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[21 Apr 2006|02:37pm]

I had a dream I was exchanging meth stories with my super pregnant cousin. It was super weird. And the other night I had a dream I was giving my "baby" a bath in a little ducky change colors if its too hot tub, and when I started giving it a bath it was a newborn and then it grew all fast and it was a chubby little 18 month baby boy and he started running around the house naked. It was weird. Pregnancy=bizaare dreams.
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[07 Mar 2006|01:49pm]

I had a dream that i was pregnant, and giving birth. Once my baby was born, I put her in a bucket so that i could wash it later, because I had to go and do something else. And then I looked for my baby but couldn't find it in the bucket. I asked my mom where it was, and she said I was being ridiculous- there never was a baby, and that I was just imagining things because I wanted a baby so badly. And then I got depressed and told my mom I wanted to kill myself. She told me to go ahead and opened the medicine cabinet so that i could kill myself, but I couldn't find anything or didn't know if there was anything that could kill.
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[19 Feb 2006|02:11pm]

I had a dream last night that I was in 4th grade, and selling crack to other 4th graders after school. And fucking 16 year old boys who were giving me the crack to sell, and going to the grocery store for some chips for him so his mom could finish dinner. I also drugged my uncle so I could have sex with him so I could frame him for something. wtf. And in one dream sequence I was a retarded seven year old boy grocery shopping and somehow the cashier was trying to screw me over.
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[28 Jan 2006|09:07pm]

Note for anyone who decides to read the dream: The Collector is a TV show that I am COMPLETELY in love with.

On to the dreamCollapse )

Any interpretations?
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[18 Jan 2006|12:06pm]

Okay, I had a dream about being in a movie. Like, a jazz movie, or something. I got a free trip to some place just south of Dallas, where they were shooting. Why they need people on the other side of the continent, I wouldn't know. So I agree, I can't exactly remember who I was going with, but they seemed to disappear when I got down there anyway.

So we're shooting a film, I'm hanging out of a window on a second floor, and I have a clarinet. There's a number of people outside, among them are a trumpet and saxophone player, so as far as I can tell, I'm the member of a horn trio. So we end up playing for quite a prolonged period of time. When my solo comes up, my instruments sounds NOTHING like a clarinet. In fact, it actually changes sounds several times during the performance. Playing it actually feels like playing a recorder (probably the closest thing to a clarinet I've ever touched ;P), and it's all quite horrible.

We finally finish, and one of the stagehands comes up, and says I'm lucky to be alive, since the windowsill I've been leaning on is party of a fairly unstable wall which should have fallen down during the production. I remember this guy's face pretty well, he's not someone I've met before, I don't think. This is kind of strange, I was wondering after if my brain actually fabricated this guy's face. He got pretty close to me. There's a bed in the room I've been playing in, technically on the set, and I go to sleep there. I remember being a little worried, because I agreed to take a shift at work on Friday, and I was likely going to be here for longer than that ;p

I wake up in the morning and I go to the supermarket. I need orange juice, some sort of cake, and a third item. I get rung in, and there's a young blonde girl behind me with a lot more groceries. I don't know who she's talking to, but her name is Mel, and she's complaining about everyone thinking she is related to Christina Applegate. This name seems out of the blue. Now, apparently, in the dream, I had met Christina Applegate a couple days previous because I was in a movie or something, and I was going to try and strike up a conversation, so I linger around. I go to the end of the counter, and my groceries are gone.

This is when I get into an argument with the cashier, who absolutely refuses to replace my stuff, and she becomes thoroughly annoyed with me. I go to customer service, and I end up talking to this biker-looking guy with long hair and a short beard. I end up in his office, and he says he recently talked to a thief, and he shows me about 5 pictures of people and asks me to pick one out. I don't remember actually seeing the guy, so I have no idea. I'm looking through the pictures, none of them are mugshots, two of them look like ads out of magasines. There's two white guys, two black children for some reason, and someone who looked like Danny Trejo. I say it's none of these. This is the last thing I remember.
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