Her geekiness knows no bounds (vloky) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Her geekiness knows no bounds

is this thing on?

i just had a weird dream I was the babysitter having an affair with the husband and the wife went psycho and shot herself and tried to shoot him
there were like 3 different sequences of events that played out.. In one the wife accidently shot her foot and I was hiding behind some furniture and was discovered when the husband tried to pass me a phone and number to call the police and then she confronted me and we had a kung foo battle in which I insulted her for looking 45+ and she kicked my ass. In another one I was in my room in the basement when I heard the shots and I jumped out a window and contacted the police and there was a media storm. Another one involved some weird hubbaloo outside a hospital, but although it was the last sequence of events it is the haziest to me..
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