Her geekiness knows no bounds (vloky) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Her geekiness knows no bounds


Last night I had a dream I was at "the farm" (my childhood home when my dad will be moving back into soon) and outside the side door there was a homeless looking person wearing a watch that seemed obsessed with time, it was odd, but not so worrying to me and then I looked out my bedroom window and there was a scraggly monk looking guy circling the property (he was wearing all brown and had a circle bald spot in the middle of his head..) this worried me, he was circling like a vulture. IZ felt the two were connected and conspiring, I didn't feel it constituted a real emergency and I looked for the non emergency police number and couldn't find it, I called my dad and he got angry at me, then i woke up because evan was screaming in my ear..
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