Happy Mommy (mandakins) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Happy Mommy

Falling Fire Tree

I dreamed last night that I was going around opening the windows in my house (only it was like a dream "my house" and not the one I actually live in - although it did resemble the one I grew up in) and I noticed there was smoke outside. Went around to the other side of the house and more smoke so I thought "Something must be burning close by" and I went outside to check thinking it was some brush that the neighbors were taking care of.  Turns out it was two trees right beside our house and they had burned to the point where they were becoming unstable - like a ring of burn around the trunk about half way up on both. So.. I called to my.... boyfriend? somebody - not husband apparently - and said for him to grab the fire extinguisher from the basement.  All of a sudden one of the trees snapped and I looked up and thought it was going to fall squarely along the roofline of the house! I was thinking "crap! crap! crap!" but then the top of the tree turned and was aligned exactly with where I was standing in the front yard, but no matter what direction I thought about running in, it seemed like that was the direction the tree was going to fall. Finally I was paralyzed and was on the ground thinking I'd roll out of the way if it looked like it was going to actually fall on me. Well it fell and narrowly missed my legs. I thought surely it was going to get me.  Then the guy comes running out and over to the tree (why the tree?) and then this woman who I can only describe as the actress Jamie Gertz came running out of the house shouting "OH GAWD! Thank you for not keelin' mah huzbind!" in a thick southern accent and went over and threw her arms around the guy.

What on EARTH is that about?
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