Happy Mommy (mandakins) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Happy Mommy

Leaky Roof & Money?

The other night I dreamed that I was in the house I grew up in. I was getting something out of the cabinet in the kitchen and I noticed that water was leaking onto the package of napkins on the top shelf. Then I realized it was the roof leaking. In my mind I had an image of the roof being really old and leaking in several places - just not through into the interior yet.

Since it wasn't a very big leak and the napkins would obviously take care of it I just shut the door and decided to let my parents know about the hole.

Incidentally my mother is no longer living and my dad is remarried. They sold the house back in the early 90's but I just found out recently that it's up for sale. I have a strange desire to buy it just so I can say I own my childhood home.

I think the holes in the roof have something to do with money but I haven't thought enough about it to figure it out.

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