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Very scary dream

I just woke up from this one. It was very short, and I was lucid throughout. I was in some sort of warehouse and tables had been set up, some with people laying on them and some with very strange objects. A lady was giving me a tour and showed me that these objects were shrunken people, like shrunken heads only the whole body. They were hideous. The other people on the tables were dead and were going through the process of becoming shrunken. They were hooked up to various machines via tubes and wired, and workers were painting them (basting them, really) with some thick solution. The lady told me it was a preservative.

She then made me lay down on a table and told me I was lucky to have this opportunity. She started hooking me up to the machines. I think she put one wire in my foot, then she covered me up with a blanket. I was getting very comfortable, not because of any sedative, just becoming comfortable because I was laying down and had a blanket on me. I was reading a book. Then a wire and/or tube went into the skin on the top of my head. I didn't think much of it until my vision got dark - I couldn't see the words on the page of the book I was reading - my whole body relaxed, and my breathing began to slow. I could feel this all happening to me, and I thought I was dying there on the table in this eerie warehouse full of shrunken people. I woke up.

I think probably what was happening was that I was just falling into a deeper sleep, but coupled with this weird dream, it was enough to get me to wake up.
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