Beth, Soul Collector (tuftedpuffin) wrote in dreamwalrus,
Beth, Soul Collector

Note for anyone who decides to read the dream: The Collector is a TV show that I am COMPLETELY in love with.

I dreamt that I got a call from the guy I finally tracked down about the Collector poster I'm after (after calling MANY MANY different people and places in real life). He said I had to call one more person... someone named Jon. "Who the fuck is Jon?" I thought. I called this Jon person and he said he had the poster for me at his house in Vancouver and I had to go there to get it because he couldn't mail it to me.

So off to Vancouver I went. I decided to... walk there. Separating Vancouver and Lethbridge (Alberta, where I live) was not the small amount of prairie and large amount of mountains as in the waking life, but instead by a vast rainforest. It was laid out like a round valley with a massive mountain in the centre that was covered in cascading waterfalls of crystal clear water. After hiking for some time I came to the mountain. I tried to walk around it to get to Vancouver but no matter how far around I went, I didn't find the path to Vancouver. I had to actually CLIMB the mountain. I did and I got wet with the clean water.

I found my way to Vancouver, and found Jon's house. I went up to the front door and someone opened it. It was Jon Cooksey (one of the people who makes The Collector). I was kinda like "Woah". He gave me the poster and I left back for Lethbridge. I didn't have to cross the rainforest to get home.

Any interpretations?
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